HEALTH | More than 1 billion people will suffer from bone diseases in 2050


Bone and muscle disorders are common health issues now a days with huge ratio. According to the research, this figure could be double within next 30 years.


The Lancet Rheumatology Journal published new research that muscle, bone and joint diseases will increase up to 115% in the next 3 decades. It is warned by experts that till 2050, worldwide around one billion people will suffer from bone, musculoskeletal, spine and joint diseases, and if we count it is more than half a billion in 2020.

The increase in bone and joint problems can be attributed to various factors and making certain lifestyle changes can help prevent or reduce these problems.

At first, movement problem or joint pain should not be overlooked as these are the initial symptoms and should checked by your doctor immediately. Second step is regular exercise should be done for better muscle and bone health.


 As per statement of Consultant – Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Prashant BN that it is most important for health to deal with the rise in musculoskeletal disorders while a diverse lifestyle prevails. You should not ignore symptoms such as limited mobility or persistent joint pain. You should take preventive measures like balanced diet, any physical activity and maintaining weight.


 To reduce the risks, public awareness of these diseases and their treatment needs to be done. Physical activities and regular exercises is a guarantee of joint health.


 If you feel any symptoms like joint and bone pain, you should take immediate medical attention.


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